World’s Leadıng Plannıng & Schedulıng Platform that enables agıle
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What is APS Software?

Advanced Planning & Scheduling systems (APS) software enables fast and flexible capacity planning, production scheduling, and MRP (material requirements planning) connected to your existing ERP system.

  • Real-time Visualization & Optimization
  • Alerts & KPIs
  • Bottleneck & Materials Management
  • “What-if” Scenarios, Analytics & Reporting
How to Buy

Why is PlanetTogether the #1 APS Platform?

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Plan your Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 initiaitives with confidence!

Visualize & Adjust Throughput

Whether you have plants and warehouses around the world or in a single location, working to achieve Smart Factory or Industry 4.0 status, with PlanetTogether production planning and scheduling, you’ll have demand, capacity and inventory visibility to help you get ahead of whatever changes are coming your way.

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Ops Managers

Improve efficiency, customer servicing: Prove your competence while avoiding the risk of failure.

For Ops Managers

IT Directors

Avoid integration failures while fitting into existing frameworks. Our ``Proof of Concept`` evaluation is vital.

For IT Directors


Feel confident in ability to use the software while seeing that it will work well and make the job easier.

For Planners

Finance Officers

Reduce unit costs and predict cash flows with realistic, optimized production plans.

For Finance Officers